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Fenghua auto electric appliance co.,ltd was situated the steam which was well-known in the nation touches matches the production base ---Zhejiang Rui-an Han filed industrial,district ,the company organizes in1984,passed through 20 years development,became the collection design,the development,the production,,the examination integration specialized automobile fitting production enterprise. The company specialized production throttle valve,electricity spurts oil pump,the automobile quality auto wiper,always becomes,changes,air filter always becomes and so on the series product...

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Hot Product

  • Solar term door body

    Solar term door body is controlled by a valve engine intake much. Is a round steel sheet, a middle shaft, connecting and throttle cable, and is controlled by the throttle cable. Solar term door is a device of engine intake system.

  • Hand pump and check valve

    A straight through one-way valves and rectangular type two. Straight through one-way valves installed in a connecting thread of the pipeline. Rectangular style is a one-way valve connecting thread, flange plate connection and three forms.

  • Oil pump assembly e

    The oil pump is a portable and compact pump, a one is made of aluminium material shell of the oil pump and is arranged in the shell of the movable mold, wherein, molding the movement is at least partially sintered by one, made of iron base alloy containing at least one austenite material, and wherein a the molding sintering material has at least one for the shell of the thermal expansion coefficient of the thermal expansion coefficient of 60%.

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  • 2016 Q8 As Audi's B

    2016-1-18 03:46:25

    Since the advent of audi's first large SUV Q7, audi began to gradually extend their suvs. Such as the audi design based on A1 Q2; Audi Q4 is so lower